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    Kills 99.9999% of germs, moisturizes and does not contain any toxic chemicals - and good for the environment


active antiseptic


naturally derived v/v ethanol


v/v eucalyptus oil


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WHO (World Health Organization) & CDC (Center for Disease Control) categorically prove that 70% v/v alcohol (optimal level – 70%-80%) is what kills Gram-positive & Gram-negative bacteria, general viruses and some fungi.

Alcohol kills by denaturing the protein in bacteria. Elyptol with the ingredient of Ethanol, Eucalyptus oil and the other ingredients effectively has a synergistic composition that results in it being a 70-80% active antiseptic.

Generally ABHR that meet professional standard hand hygiene efficacy studies like EN 1500 & EN 12791 would have ‘some form’ of 65-70% v/v ‘alcohol’. Using chemicals such as Isopropanol (propanol family) as a denaturant generally is a 5% v/v so about 62-65% is pure ethanol (ethyl). Elyptol uses naturally derived 70% v/v ethanol and 5%-10% v/v eucalyptus oil. 

CDC & WHO report that ethyl alcohol is more effective in some cases than other forms of alcohol.

With Elyptol’s superior formulations based on ethyl alcohol combined with Eucalyptus Oil as the denaturant, we are able to achieve high kill efficacy balanced with improved skin health.

The major chemical component in eucalyptus oil “cineole” also known as Eucalyptol evaporates from the skin rapidly. It is extremely safe to use on the skin, and with moisturizers keep skin healthy through frequent use. Elyptol General Purpose Cleaning Wipes are designed for hard surfaces to help remove stubborn soils for use as the first of a 2-step process.

Elyptol Antimicrobial Products

Antimicrobial topical skin antiseptic gels, sprays and wipes.

Kills germs rapidly

  • Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Activity
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Virucidal (selected viruses as per EN 14476)

Elyptol Green Cleaning Products

  • Australian Desert Eucalyptus Hand Soap
  • Elyptol General Purpose Cleaning Wipe