Elyptol provides hand hygiene products that are natural, highly efficacious, moisturising and perfect for a hospital environment that uses hand sanitisers frequently. 

We provide wall dispensers both automatic and manual, stands and wall brackets for our hand sanitiser gels and rubs (sprays).

Our products help to increase compliance, assist in reducing infections and at the same time supporting the skin health of healthcare workers.

No hidden chemicals

Many hand sanitisers do not declare the chemicals used in denaturing the alcohol. Elyptol uses natural Eucalyptus oil to replace those chemicals and at the same time provides an essential oil with aromatherapy and many other benefits. 

Hospital-Grade / Frequent Use

Elyptol was designed for healthcare professionals who must sanitise their hands frequently. Elyptol is a natural product that can be used 80+ times per day without skin irritation or causing contact dermatitis.

Effective at killing 99.9999% of germs

Highly effective and 1000 times more effective than most sanitisers on the market.